Thursday, April 27, 2006

Save As Selection
... and while we are at it (Files) "SaveAsSelectionTitleCase".
Save the active document with a new name. If the document is previously saved, the new copy is saved in the same path, otherwise the macro asks the user to browse for a suitable path.

You've started a new document, from scratch, or as a clone of an existing document. By the time you've typed in a few sentences you realize it's time to save it. Select an appropriate chunk of text then run this macro. If the new document is a clone of an existing (that is, previously-saved) document, it will be saved with the new name in the previous document's folder, a true clone. If you based your new document from choosing File, new, then you will be prompted for a path.

I use this most of all when I'm drafting a letter or other short document. I select the addressee's name and use that as a file name.


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