Thursday, June 08, 2006

VBEUpUser (XEnvironment) "VBEUpUser" - Open a template and upgrade the file (version) number. (See also "VBEUser" which merely opens the template and maximizes the VBE window).
Much of my time is spent developing applications in Word/VBA. In consequence I maintain ascending-sequence versions of application templates.
I decided to use a 5-letter identifier for each project - hence "Under", "Nestr", "ApKey" and so on. I use a 3-digit string for a version number, hence "" is the version following "". Years of experience have taught me that numbers are cheap but time is precious, so I like to save with a new filename (read ‘higher version number") just before I make a radical change, or immediately after I reach a milestone in my work.

The macro VBEUpUser lets me browse to a template, select the template and open it in the VBE window with the VBE window maximized. No more "Alt-space, X" for me! That's more time saved!
If the filename portion of the file being opened has a trailing digit-string, VBEUpUser increments the string and saves the file with a new name – one version higher than that opened.
A special use for this is the first time I open a template each day. I always make my first open with VBEUpUser, rather than VBEUser, so that yesterday's final version remains untouched.


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