Thursday, July 06, 2006


Under.Zip (XEnvelopes) "LoadAddressFromFile" - Load the snapshot address from file to the main cell of the envelope table. (GUIUnderTags)

This macro is used in the automated generation of an envelope (as in MakeEnvelopeFromSelection), but can be called separately.

A destination address can be typed directly into the document from an external file. The name of the external file is set by you through the Tags and paths macro ("!T" on your toolbar; the top left-hand item probably shows "C:\Greaves\PCF\ENV.TXT", which you will change).

Make sure that any contacts data base tool that makes a snapshot of an address sends the address to the named file, and then use this macro, and/or other Envelope macros, to bring the data straight into your document, letter or envelope.


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