Sunday, May 07, 2006

Auto Fit Content All Tables

Over this week I'll be documenting the new sets of table-related groups of macros. If you explore the lower part of the Table menu you will find a bewildering range of macros; I have scratched the surface as an experiment, and suspended development.
Today's macro is easy enough to comprehend. It applies best-fit (Word menu: Table, AutoFit, AutofitToContents) to all tables in the current document.
Word will allow you to autofit a single table, but try selecting two tables, or all tables (Ctrl-A) and see what happens.
I wanted a mechanism whereby I could create a series of tables, and then apply best fit to the lot. (XTable) "AutoFitContentAllTables" All tables in the document will be automatically aligned to best-fit their column width to the contents.


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