Monday, May 08, 2006

Auto Fit Content Only Entire Tables (XTable) "AutoFitContentOnlyEntireTables" Only tables that are entirely in the selected region of the document will be automatically aligned to best-fit their column width to the contents. See also "AutoFitContentAllTables".
Consider a document with a series of tables separated by descriptive text. You can select any part of that document. In particular you can make a selection such that the starting point of your selection is part-way through a table, and the end-point of your selection is partway through a table, and so those two tables, at the start and at the end of your selection, are only partly within the selection. Tables that lie in between these two tables must be "Entire"ly within the selection, and only those tables will be considered.
If your selection point is of length zero, for example, if you have clicked your mouse between two characters which lie outside any table, then the entire document will be considered to have been selected, just as if you had used Ctrl-A to select the entire document.


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