Sunday, July 09, 2006

Statistics - Under The Hood maintains statistics on your use of macros. You can inspect the table in the folder "Statistics" within your Documents And Settings tree.

I have recorded 7345 uses of macros in Under The Hood.

Here are my most common calls. They account for 46% of all the calls made to macros of Under The Hood

Macro(Count/Percentage) Comments

Stats_ToggleShowAll(852/12%) I display and hide paragraph marks, field codes etc. when I am preparing a document.

Stats_VBEUser(715/10%) I develop applications so I want to open a template AND open the VBE AND maximize its window.

Stats_TypeName(402/5%) I have been generating letters, and that means envelope details.

Stats_TypeTelephone(359/5%) I have been generating letters, and that means envelope details.

Stats_Blue(343/5%) Documenting VBA code and preparing envelope addresses both require that I replace hard returns with soft returns and switch to a courier style.

Stats_FixStyles(299/4%) Preparation of documents includes making body text styles conform to their parent heading styles.

Stats_SaveAsSelection(239/3%) Preparation of any kind of document involves saving it, preferably with a meaningful name selected from the document itself.

Stats_BestFitToolbarsByName(190/3%) I hate wasted real estate space on my monitor, so I am asking the toolbars be packed as tightly as possible.


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