Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sorting paragraphs of text

That completes a quick look at some of the macros available for sorting paragraphs of text.

Why is this better than choosing Table, Sort from Word's menu?

If you have a small set of paragraphs to set, and you want to use each paragraph as a sort key, I'd suggest you use Table, Sort from Word's menu! It is what i do in that case.

But if you want to use only the First word of each paragraph as a sort key, rather than the Entire paragraph, you'll want to use Under's macros.

If you want to sort a mass of paragraphs isolated by intervening tables, you'll want to use Under's macros. And here you have a choice of sorting the sets of paragraphs as a complete Block, or as Separate chunks.

On top of that, Under's intelligent selection kicks in - if you haven't selected any text, Under will assume that you want to sort all paragraphs within the current document.


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