Monday, August 14, 2006

ParagraphSortAllKeyEntireAscending (XSort) " ParagraphSortAllKeyEntireAscending " - Sort paragraphs of a selection in ascending sequence.
Open a new document and Insert a File from another document (a safer method of obtaining text than opening a precious file!). Choose (Under) Sort, Paragraphs, ParagraphSortAllKeyEntireAscending and note how the document is sorted by paragraphs.

If you select a block of paragraphs, that selected block will be sorted while the remainder of the document is unchanged.

If the selection is the text insertion point (as in "Ctrl-Home"), then the entire document will be sorted.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

New release

I have released Under388 this afternoon.

The collection of over 400 macros which sort, drop duplicates, eliminate blank and empty entries from sets of paragraphs, tables, rows, columns and cells has been re-tested, several embarrassing bugs fixed. You will find these 400+ macros distributed across the menu items "Blanks", "Duplicate", "Empty" and "Sort".

There is yet another auxiliary document "SortingAndRelatedIssues.doc" which describes in some detail the various options available to you.

I plan to document these macros over the next two weeks.