Friday, June 09, 2006

ListNumberingRestart (XTextChange) "ListNumberingRestart" - Restart list numbering at 1.

Place your text cursor in any block of paragraphs with a style such as "List Number 2" and run the macro. The macro will determine the extent of the block of paragraphs and restart numbering at "1" at the first paragraph of the block.

There is no need to select the entire block.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

VBEUpUser (XEnvironment) "VBEUpUser" - Open a template and upgrade the file (version) number. (See also "VBEUser" which merely opens the template and maximizes the VBE window).
Much of my time is spent developing applications in Word/VBA. In consequence I maintain ascending-sequence versions of application templates.
I decided to use a 5-letter identifier for each project - hence "Under", "Nestr", "ApKey" and so on. I use a 3-digit string for a version number, hence "" is the version following "". Years of experience have taught me that numbers are cheap but time is precious, so I like to save with a new filename (read ‘higher version number") just before I make a radical change, or immediately after I reach a milestone in my work.

The macro VBEUpUser lets me browse to a template, select the template and open it in the VBE window with the VBE window maximized. No more "Alt-space, X" for me! That's more time saved!
If the filename portion of the file being opened has a trailing digit-string, VBEUpUser increments the string and saves the file with a new name – one version higher than that opened.
A special use for this is the first time I open a template each day. I always make my first open with VBEUpUser, rather than VBEUser, so that yesterday's final version remains untouched.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HardAndWhite (XTextChange) "HardAndWhite" - Removes all superfluous hard paragraph marks and white space from the selection.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SelectCurrentPage (XPageLayout) "SelectCurrentPage" - Selects the text in the last page that holds the current selection point. To see this work, place the insertion point in any place in a multi-page document and run the macro.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Release Under365

I have released a bug-fix and some new macros for UnderTheHood.

CleanParagraphs (XTextChange) "CleanParagraphs" - Standardizes paragraph marks within the current document.
(1) Soft paragraph marks are replaced with hard paragraph marks
(2) White Space preceding a paragraph mark is removed
(3) White Space following a paragraph mark is removed and
(4) Multiple paragraph marks are reduced to a single paragraph mark.
Test this out on text from a typical email message, or on a document that doesn't respond well to the use of paragraph marks. Professionals don't use multiple paragraph marks for spacing.